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"...to prepare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ." Ephesians 4:12-13

To order any of these scripts, please contact Wanda directly at wvassallo@earthlink.net or by phone at 214-398-5162.


The emphasis of Wanda's work on her Doctor of Ministry degree was on the use of drama in the church. The study for her dissertation compared the impact of just hearing a scriptural passage read with seeing it acted out on the participants' ability to remember the facts of the story, to understand its meaning and to relate its message to their lives. The dramatized version "won" hands down! Wanda has served as a church drama director for some 25 years.

For churches or groups interested in using drama or starting a drama group to enhance worship, Wanda is available as a:

Which Way Is Up?

Which Way Is Up? directed by Wanda Vassallo.


Note: Purchase of a copy of the script or book grants the purchaser the right to reproduce enough scripts for rehearsal and to produce the play.

Dramatizations of five of Jesus' parables: ($5.00 + $1.00 mailing each)

The Sheep and the Goats
The Sower and the Seeds
The Prodigal Son
The Good Samaritan Revisited
The Rich Man and Lazarus
The collection of all 5: $20.00 + $2.00 mailing

The Steward Living in Covenant by Ronald E. Vallet includes three dramatizations by Wanda Vassallo: "A Good Idea," "The Potter and the Clay" (based on Jeremiah 18:1-6); "Deception in Conception" (great for a marriage retreat but not a regular service)

$16.00 + $3.00 mailing


Note: Individual scripts are $10 + $1.00 mailing each.

Beginning of the church year:

Birdwatching In The Sanctuary "Birdwatching in the Sanctuary" - A man and his wife, using huge binoculars, come to the church sanctuary to birdwatch with the explanation that there are some "very unusual birds in the church." They observe a starling, who makes a visitor move; a vulture, who accuses a cancer patient of "having done something wrong to deserve such an illness;" and a mockingbird who mocks a teenager's attempt to straighten out his life. Finally, a dove brings encouragement to a man who has lost his job. The dramatization ends with the birdwatchers asking the congregation: "What kind of bird are you?"

"A Slight Problem" - A couple who have recently joined the church ask the chairman of the board about opportunities for getting involved and contributing to the church. However, they find a "slight problem" with each of the suggestions. They leave by saying once more, "You know, we really do want to get involved."

"Money Matters" - A man surprises his wife by not purchasing season tickets to the football pro games. He says he decided he would watch the games on TV, save a lot of money and participate with her more in church activities, where everything is "free."


Christmas plays:

"Mary Could Have Said 'No!'" - Each character in the Christmas story comes to life and tells his or her story as a lady sets up her nativity scene and considers what might have happened if each had said "no."

"Special Report Bethlehem" - A reporter covering the story of a brilliant star interviews the main characters in the Christmas story. A psychologist in the main studio reacts to each of the stories with the anchor in the main studio with comments, such as "He's clearly in denial" about Joseph.

"The Heart of the Matter" - A group of homeless people are having their Christmas "feast" in the park when a policeman tries to break up their celebration. Before it is over, the cop discovers the true meaning of Christmas.

"Nativity Seen" - A slightly tipsy man comes home to find that his neighbor has put up his "flea- bitten" nativity scene. Just as he is about to try to kick it over, each of the characters comes to life and talks with him. He ends up returning to the faith of his childhood.

Easter play:

"Who Was This Man Jesus?" Pilate's wife hires a private detective to find out who Jesus really was. After talking with those involved in the crucifixion, the detective concludes that Jesus truly was the Son of God.


Pentecost play:

A Mighty, Rushing Wind "A Mighty, Rushing Wind" - Based on scripture, this drama is a re-enactment of the coming of the Holy Spirit in the Upper Room.

Other dramatizations:

"Jonah - The Reluctant Prophet" - Based on scripture, this is the story of Jonah after he has been spit out by the whale. Besides Jonah, there are parts for the Ninevites, God and the Vine.

"First Class Flight" - Based on the subject of forgiveness, this dramatization takes place on an airplane, where a young girl on her way to her father's funeral makes a wealthy businessman realize his need to forgive his daughter.

"Let's Face It!" -- Two friends are embarrassed when they run into each other at a plastic surgeon's office. They are shocked to learn how insecure the other one feels about her appearance and herself. They finally decide they are great the way they are and leave without seeing the doctor. Subject: acceptance of ourselves as God sees us.

"Collision on the Freeway" - A man and woman get out of their cars (two chairs) to find out why traffic is tied up on the freeway. It so happens that the man works for her father, who she discovers cares more for her than she imagined. Subject: forgiveness.


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